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You can choose from inbuilt set of option strategies or custom build your very own see live payoff & do what-if-scenario analysis along with greeks, to get the possible risk-reward ratio.

first choose the symbol for which you want to build an option strategy
then, choose your view on the market if you want to filter strategies for that particular scenario
and then click to select from the inbuilt set of strategies that you want to make

The Analyser opens up where you see a payoff graph & your positions/legs for the strategy.
You can see the Profit/Loss MTM varying with the spot price & the various greeks for risk analysis.
You can do a full what-if- analysis by varying the sensitivity parameters of Time, Price, Volatility & seeing the effect on the position rates and thus the P/L & Greeks dynamically.
So you are in control of the position & ready for any adjustment actions to be taken if needed.

you can also choose the position legs and build your own custom strategy -->
by clicking the 'custom build' button on top of the payoff graph &
hover over individual option strikes and then click + / - to buy / sell or go long /short that leg.

click any row to edit that strategy leg
make the changes you desire
and click OK to save or DEL to delete a leg

finally you can save the position to track in your portfolio along with greeks by pressing the button at bottom right of payoff graph

Updated on: 23/09/2018

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