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Here you can watch all symbols with conditional colors to identify long/short categoriess and sorted on FnO parameters trends like:

Long Buildup
Short Buildup
Long Unwinding
Short Covering

Quickly show/hide specific FnO data parameters/columns by clicking its matching button in the '**Show' Menu** , or using the keyboard shortcuts as mentioned in the underlinedletters: eg. if you want to show/hide all data related to vwap, just press 'a' , pressing it again & again makes all its matching data / columns visible like simple ON/OFF switches.

Click under Show menu to see quick sparkline charts on the symbols

See this data and %chg across any** custom time interval**. i.e. 5/10/15/30/60/ 'X' mins for intraday changes and Daily / Weekly / Monthly / 'N' days for end-of-day (EOD) changes , by just choosing from the 'Interval' menu (in GOLD and GOLD+ plans only)

You can filter data by Qty>'X' no. of contracts by choosing from the Filter dropdown menu.

You can also choose to display just the Top 'X' scrips for Gainers/ Losers by dragging the topX slider under the filter menu

You can create your own custom filter by typing any fno data specific condition under the FILTER menu and clicking 'apply' button.
the condition is specified in a very natural language using simple BODMAS rule of maths & f&O terms
examples of filter condition -->
price% > 2
ABS(price%) > 1 and oi%>5
(price% >2 or oi%> 10) and volume>1000
basis%>1 and price%>1 and volume%>100
delivery%>100 and price%>2
and many more ... which you can build to your imagination & requirements

You can also see the data filtered for any set of symbols by just selecting the desired group from the 'scrip-list' drop-down in the Menu bar.

You sort F&O data in %chg or values term for any F&O parameter by clicking on the sortby menu-->


you can also sort longshort stock by just clicking long buildup(LB), short covering(SC), long unwinding(LU) and short buildup (SB).

Move / hover your mouse over any symbol , and you get a quick info tooltip for that scrip

CLICK on any symbol to launch a quick chart for that Stock/Future/Call/Put
(TIP: you can also display a quick OI/volume/basis/IV trend for that contract by clicking on the respective buttons at the top of the quick chart)

Updated on: 12/09/2018

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