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The Put Call screen is a favourite of many option traders as it is a one stop place where you can see all options activity of a symbol across multiple strikes / expiry in a easy to visualize way

you can choose (keyboard shortcuts also) which data you want to see:-

the app also does automatic max pain calculation i.e. the strike where option sellers will have max loss, so they will try and pin the expiry closing nearest to this strike

you can see change or %change across individual strikes in price/oi/volume/iv across custom time intervals like 5/10/15/Xmins or even Day/Week/Month by just choosing that respective option in menu

see for multiple expiries 0/1/2/3/4 months/weeks all together for easy comparison

Move / hover your mouse over any putcall bar and you get a quick info tooltip for that option

CLICK on any putcall bar to launch a quick chart for that option
(TIP: you can also display a quick OI/volume/basis/IV trend for that contract by clicking on the respective buttons at the top of the quick chart)

Once you are done modifying with your preferred layout & settings, you can save this custom view for reusing as a one-click macro when you come back to this screen next time :

Updated on: 17/09/2018

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