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Here you can see the future data/parameter in table format.

you can sort any data/parameter in ascending/descending order by just clicking on respective column heading and filter/search any parameter (these screen can be use like spreadsheet/excel).

you can also see the combined data/parameter of all symbol or a group of symbol by selecting stock in FOTYPE

You can also see this data and %chgs across any custom time interval. i.e. 5/10/15/30/60/ 'X' mins for intraday changes and Daily / Weekly / Monthly / 'N' days for end-of-day EOD changes , by just choosing from the 'Interval' menu (in GOLD and PLATINUM plans only)

Quickly show/hide specific FnO data parameters/columns by clicking its matching button in the '**Show' Menu** , or using the keyboard shortcuts as mentioned in the underlinedletters: eg. if you want to show/hide all data related to alertz, just press 'z' , pressing it again & again makes all its matching data / columns visible like simple ON/OFF switches.

You also have an option to see the FnO data/parameterd in Value, Change & %Chg terms and there are an option to see the OI & Volume in (Lots size, Shares, Notional, Values).

You can create your own custom filter by typing any fno data specific condition under the FILTER menu and clicking 'apply' button.
the condition is specified in a very natural language using simple BODMAS rule of maths & f&O terms
examples of filter condition -->
price% > 2
ABS(price%) > 1 and oi%>5
(price% >2 or oi%> 10) and volume>1000
basis%>1 and price%>1 and volume%>100
delivery%>100 and price%>2
and many more ... which you can build to your imagination & requirements

Updated on: 17/09/2018

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