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A truly all-in-1 Charts for all FNO data (Futures + Options + Technicals)

Go to Stocks/charts
Now add data you want to plot in charts (by default future price, combine future volume & OI) are plotted, you can add others data which available in show dropdown button along with options data such as alloptions (total call/put all expiries combine ), maxOI, pcr...etc.

You can also add OI profile (putcall) on just opposite future price candle from indicators dropdown menu , shows the OI bar in term of value and change.
OI Profile

Put Call OI & Volume spreads also can see in chart for that you have to choose Spreads from contracts dropdown button.

Cumulative (running total) OI change can also see in chart along with it's put call OI spreads from beginning of the chart, same can be add from contracts dropdown menu.
Cumulative OI

You can also see OI change in longshort color code for option as well as future O and same could be add from show dropdown menu
(Option longshort color code : Blue - is for call unwinding, Green - Put buildup, Red - Call build up & Yellow - Put unwinding)
Future longshort color code: Blue- short covering, Green - Long buildup, Red - Short Buildup & Yellow - Long Unwinding)

Updated on: 26/03/2022

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